How to create .msixupload file manually?

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Hi. I have a desktop application and I want to publish it on the Microsoft store. First I've built `x86` and `x64` MSIX packages. Then I've bundled them using the `MakeAppx.exe bundle command` and created the `.msixbundle` file. Now I want to create a `.msixupload` file(which is needed to store submission) manually from created bundle file. As I've read here, to create a `.msixupload` file I need a `.appxsym` file. The question is that I have two `.appxsym` files for each package and I don't know which one I should use.

Another question is that is it possible to upload two `.msixupload` files at the same time to the store without bundling?

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Hi @0xnima , my understanding is that you only need one .msixupload file for store submission. Typically they are bundles so you can have multiple app packages.