How can I read an app's registry settings using RegEdit.exe?

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At MS Docs - Understanding how packaged desktop apps run on Windows - Registry it reads:


App packages contain a registry.dat file, which serves as the logical equivalent of HKLM\Software in the real registry. At runtime, this virtual registry merges the contents of this hive into the native system hive to provide a singular view of both. For example, if registry.dat contains a single key "Foo", then a read of HKLM\Software at runtime will also appear to contain "Foo" (in addition to all the native system keys).


From this description it seems only the app itself has access to its own registry key settings.


How can I read an arbitrary app's registry settings using RegEdit.exe?

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Hi @BetterToday 


You can do this using the free tool Hover.


Here are more details on inspecting the registry from an MSIX container.



@Bogdan MitracheThanks a lot for pointing me to this very valuable piece of information!


I'm new to app development and don't know more than bedrock about how MSIX containers work.


Your answer is very much appreciated!




Glad I could help Axel.

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