How best to package an application which uses dynamic parameters?

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I'd like to package an application which currently uses a batch script to launch an exe. Unfortunately the script can't simply set environment variables prior to launching the exe as these parameters must be passed into the application at launch and are built dynamically based on factors such as the system hostname.


PSF almost looks like it could do what I want but the PSF json seems to want to know the .exe file to launch when the script is complete. Perhaps this is better for the PSF space, but can PSF simply launch a script without running an exe afterwards? Or is there some "null" exe I can hack into the MSIX as a place holder? I'm not sure this is a good idea because if I understand MSIX correctly, it tries to "wait" until applications in the package are unused before beginning say, an update. But if the application was launched by a script, I don't think MSIX would have any visibility on that.


Is MSIX a bad choice for an application such as this?

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