Having trouble generating a MSIX in Azure Devops




I'm following the guide exactly linked below and the Azure Devops pipeline task isn't generating the msix. It's only building the project. This is a project generated directly through the dotnet CLI and has no changes to the project file.


I've also tried to run `msbuild` in the pipeline with the `/p:GenerateAppxPackageOnBuild=true` argument like it says in the docs, alongside other arguments and a msix isn't generated either.

When I use the ADO task (instead of msbuild explicitly), it says the project files are not supported. I'm not sure why this would be the case since it's a generated template.

Is there a step I'm missing that I must do before I use the Azure Devops task or msbuild to generate a msix file? I feel like I'm missing something that's really simple here.


Also, you can message me on teams. My alias is androdri.

Thanks in advance!

Documentation I'm referencing: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/msix/desktop/msix-packaging-extension?tabs=UI





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