failed to process request 8bad0031 with Win7Msix

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Installing an .appx package with Win7MSIXInstaller.exe results in error :
failed to process request 8bad0031


Command line used: Win7MSIXInstaller.exe -AddPackage abc.appx
OS - Windows 7 SP1 (6.1 Build 7601)


The appx package was created using MakeAppx.exe


Issue is reproduced by using both the pre-compiled and self-compiled binary.

Pre-compiled binary:


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If you can file an item in feedback hub and attach the package we an look into the issue.  The down-level installer (aka Win7MSIXInstaller) is still in development and preview at this time.


A few notes:  Is the package signed and trusted on the device?  We do certificate verification on Windows 7 the same as we do on Windows 10.  We also have a known issue in the preview were self-signed cetificates are not supported.  The work to support that is in our backlog and will be completed in an upcoming sprint.  I don't have a specific ETA at this time.


John Vintzel (@jvintzel)

Program Manager Lead, MSIX

Thanks for quick response John,

Yes, the appx was signed using a self signed certificate. I will try it by using a derived certificate. The sample attached in the GIT repo do not work as well? 



On Windows 7, What will be the difference between the apps installed using MSIX or MSI route. Will the security/container benefits of MSIX still apply?







We will look to get the sample corrected.


For MSIX down-level, it will not offer containerization prior to 1709.  It will do the integrity checks and validate signing.  It will be MSI like since there is no filesystem or registry virtualization, but should offer a better uninstall experience.  The goal of the down-level MSIX installer is to allow developers to create and distribute one package and help them to accelerate MSIX for their apps.