Facing issues in creating .msix pacakge using MSIX Packaging Tool

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I have developed a desktop application in JavaFX and created .exe using Launch4j. I am bundling JRE with the exe so created the installer file using Inno Setup Compiler. When my application is installed it creates a shortcut on the desktop and shows entry in Start menu. I want to make it available on Microsoft store so I used MSIX packaging tool to create package. But while packaging no entry point is displayed in First Launch Tasks step, however at the end of wizard I get message that package is created successfully. But created package is only 20 KB. Just to add I am using self-signed certificate. I have following questions :


1. Can I create package for Java desktop application?

2. Why entry points are not shown in packaging process performed through MSIX packaging tool?

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@krathore  Generically, I have captured setup programs built using Inno Setup using the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool to create the MSIX file, and the shortcuts are correctly captured.  So I would expect that there is a procedural error that occurred during your capture.


If you try this again, when you get to the point that the packaging tool would show the captured shortcut, look at your start menu to see that the shortcut is actually there, then try the refresh button on that page.