External website set as "StartPage" does not work

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I've create a simple (empty for this test) msix package that has as startpage an external website, doesn't matter which one. In this case I am simply pointing to our website, https://www.advancedinstaller.com/.


However, when I launch the app, no website content loads. I would expect some problems with CSS or JS rendering, but at least the raw HTML should be loaded.


We just see a blank screen, no matter if the package is built with Advanced Installer or the MSIX Packaging Tool. (I attached a test package built with Advanced Installer, first unzip it, don't just change the extension).


Are we doing something wrong? Or missing something else?

A customer sent us a similar package and we are trying to figure out what is the problem.


We know of a previous problem where local HTML files from the install folder of the msix/appx package were not loaded because of their encoding (if I remember right UTF-8 was required for the files to render correctly). Is this the same problem here? or something related to it.

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When the app runs natively, does the app load in a window controlled by the app or by a browser window. If it is a browser window, is it a specific browser window (i.e. IE) or is whatever the default browser is?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the follow up.

From what I can see it is a separate window (controlled by the app), not by any of the the browsers I have installed on my machine.

Have you tried the package I attached as a sample? Does it work for you?