Error while Installing the MSIX Package : Path mentioned in Manifest file not found!




Issue : App installation failed with error message: AppxManifest.xml(45,12): error 0x80070002


Scenario : I have an application executable source folder with the executable file (.exe), shim (.sdb file), and few other files (.cab, .log, .mst, etc).

The shim is - Win7RTMVersionLie Compatibility Fix, that makes the application work on Windows 10. While installing the MSIX Package of this application, it throws an error -


App installation failed with error message: AppxManifest.xml(45,12): error 0x80070002: Cannot register the <Package Name> package. The path VFS\Windows\\HELP was not found. (0x80070002)


Could anyone please help me with resolution of the same.





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Can you please submit a feedback item through the Feedback Hub (Windows key + F) and attach your logs and MSIX package so that we can take a closer look at the error? When you are done if you let me know the title of your feedback item we will investigate as soon as possible. Thanks! 




Program Manager, MSIX

Hi Sharla,


Since, the MSIX Package didn't get installed, I am not sure where its logs would be stored.

I have dropped you an email, with access to the MSIX Package.


Please let me know if your team figure out the issue for the same.