DLLs missing when running MSIX packaged Application after updating from .NET Framework 4.8 to .NET 6

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Hi, I've been using MSIX now for a few years without any real issues for my WPF .NET Framework 4.8 application, but after updating it to .NET 6 I'm getting errors with missing dlls. 


to create the msix package I'm running the command as follows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.19041.0\x64\makeappx.exe" pack /d C:\Builds\MyApp\Versions\\ /p C:\Releases\MyApp\Versions\MyApp- /v /o

I've added the windows packaging project to my solution and reference the WPF project but with same results. 

Is there something I'm missing here...well there must be but I have no idea what it is.


Regards Valdimar Thor

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I'm using the PRISM library and it's config catalog to load the dlls and that seems to be the problem. As soon as I changed it to the default module catalog, everything worked as intended.