Deployment icons issue with MSIX Package

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First time I am packaging an msix package here

The application is an exe and when installing natively  its packagable without issue and I deploy it through SCCM

Reason I trying to do it through msix is there are some user settings in HKCU and also to get some experience with it as its going to be the new way to install/deploy apps


For some reason its deploying all the icons to be the exact same

The application is a mini suite of 2 main apps and a couple of small utilities

When deploying through msix it uses one icon for each app and each utility. Unsure why and cant work this out. 

It is a bit of a deal breaker as user's are used to the unique icons this suite offers for the individual apps

Check this screenshot of what I mean.



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Also might add this info if it helps troubleshoot this


I unpacked the "assets" folder which is where the MSIX packager tool puts all the icons with their different tile start menu sizes and as you can see in the screenshot i attached, it uses one of the suites icon graphic and uses them for all :

Doesnt look fun to individually customise each icon to their relative app/shortcut

Hi @patrickguerrisi 


Editing this type of resource from the package is not something the MSIX Packaging Tool is currently optimized for.


You can try a third-party alternative like the Express edition from Advanced Installer.






Disclaimer: I work on the team building Advanced Installer.

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Hi @patrickguerrisi,


Here's some additional info on why this happens. I hope it helps you.

MSIX does support using unique icons for each application/utility; the issue you are seeing is only a limitation of the MSIX Packaging Tool when it creates a package from an existing installer. Your app package has a manifest file which contains descriptions of each application contained in your package, including the icons used for each one. You can edit the manifest to point to unique icons in the package for each application.


You can add the files with the appropriate icons to your package and edit your package's manifest using the MSIX Packaging Tool, or you can use a third party utility to do it for you as Bodgan suggested.



Thank you. Yes I had a look at that


When I did look at the editing the icons myself, the only way I could see on how to do that was to convert all the native ico files ( icons from the original application) to png files. After I have each icon to a png file, then I would have to created one for each size and resolution. 


Is that right or am I missing something and there is an easier simplier way?

( this was also the case with the third party cool called Advanced Installer)

Hi @patrickguerrisi 


Have you tried to specify the ICO file in the "Source" field (the first one on the page) from the view visible in the screenshot above (in Advanced Installer)?


Advanced Installer should be able to generate the resources desired based on the ICO file provided.