Creation of a package with multiple shortcuts pointing to the same EXE with different arguments

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Hi Team,


There are many legacy applications running on Windows 10 (developed with VB or .NET) which has multiple shortcuts which in turn points to a single EXE with different arguments.


Is there any update on this  scenario? 

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@GauravTamkoria [Not to encourage Microsoft to not fix the issue] Here is the workaround I use today:

Add a copy of some sort of launcher executable for each shortcut in the package.  The PSFLauncher program is good to use.  Each shortcut goes to a different uniquely named launcher, and the launcher can then be configured to run the same exe using different command line arguments. 


If this is an app being packaged using the Microsoft Packaging Tool, you can use the (free) PsfTooling app from the Microsoft store to inject the pre-built PSF components and configure them for you as part of the capture process.