Creating WPF setup project for deployment

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I am trying to create setup deployment for WPF project, but I am not getting the option for creating setup deployment in visual studio 2019. I am referring to following document for deployment.


I have downloaded the sample project and tried to build the app, but setup project says it is incompatible with current version of visual studio.


Please let me know weather setup deployment is removed/deprecated after VS2015 version.

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Hi @Archana2240,

Have you tried  Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects? 

The documentation is available here: and one of the answers here covers the steps. 

For modern deployment targeting Windows 10/11 you can also use the Windows Packaging Project to create APPX and/or MSIX packages.

HI @Archana2240 

Goto Extension Select manage extension 
search for 'installer' on the search box and select "Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects 2022"

 click install 
now close the visual studio 
wait until VSIX Installer to install the necessary things
now open visual studio 
now search for setup to create new setup project