Create custom App Installer experience failed

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Hi all,

need help. I'll create a custom app installer experiance like How to create a custom App Installer UX - MSIX | Microsoft Docs, bit it doesn't work. OS is Win11.

Furthermore, the documenation is incorrect. The first statement about the folder ist:

  Go to your Package Files and add a new folder under your Package root called 'Msix.AppInstaller.Data'

An at troubleshooting the folder name is different

 The file must be in the folder named MSIXAppInstallerData

I've tested with different names in different scenarios; it doesn't work.


Thanks for help


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I've tried creating a custom App Installer experience too, and get the same result (only tried on 20H2 Enterprise at the moment 19042.1466).   Similarly, I tried both of folder paths referenced in the documentation Msix.AppInstaller.Data and MSIXAppInstallerData. I've included a MSIXAppInstallerData.xml file containing the sample xml given in the documentation, and a tweaked version of this, with my own settings. None of these approaches work.  I'm using the most current MSIX Packaging Tool,  v1.2022.110.0.


Has anyone been able to successfully modify the UX of an AppInstaller MSIX delivery?





@Andreas Kerl 




The custom UX for App Installer was rolled back when we rolled back the App Installer App for a security issue. The documentation here was not updated but we will update the documentation to better reflect the state of the custom UX soon. 




Thanks Sharla.