Crash with PsfLauncher64.exe and Element not found issue

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Hello Experts,


I am exploring trace behavior for MSIX and applied trace related configuration on a MSIX.

with latest NUGET package i see crash with PsfLauncher64.exe 

 and if i go back to 1.0.180925.3 i see an error



I have validated my JSON and manifest file multiple times and do not see any concern,I want to know if there is any infra required for this.I am on 18363.720 build.

My manifest file looks like

    <Application Id="WinRAR" Executable="PsfLauncher64.exe" EntryPoint="Windows.FullTrustApplication">
and config.json
  "Applications": [
  "Processes": [
      "Fixups": [
          "Config": {
            "TraceLevels": {
            "BreakOn": {
Please let me know if you need any further information.








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Hey@tester2420 ,


First of, thank you for trying out PSF.  I'm sorry that you experienced an error.


I've taken a look at your issue and I can't replicate it on my computer.  I'm currently getting an 18363.720 build.


I didn't see anything wrong with your Manifest file or configuration file.


While we wait for my VM to start I have a question.  Can you please make sure the following files are in your application folder and are in the root folder.

1. PSFLauncher64.exe

2. PsfRunDll64.exe

3. PsfRuntime64.dll

4. TraceFixup64.dll


Considering the error message I believe you have all the required files, but, I just want to make sure we cover step 1 of troubleshooting first.



At a quick glance, I'd say the issue is here:

When using the PSF, the launcher requires that the Id field in Applications be a "munged" version of the executable name, in your case it should be "APP". 
There is a post in here somewhere here in the Community forum when Microsoft described what "munged" means; last time I checked it wasn't documented.