Convert APPV 5.1 to msix packages

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We are using Msix sdk to convert appv to msix, cloned this repo and produced the makemsix.exe , using this for conversion process

when extracted the appv file manuly and feed that directry as input to makemsix.exe pack command 

command it throws 

Error: c00ce223 while extracting the appx package

XML error: c00ce223 on line 0, col 0. Validate failed because the document does not contain exactly one root node.


and  while unpack command to extract appv package

Error: 8bad0031 while extracting the appx package

AppxSignature.p7x not in archive!


Is  this makemsix.exe supports appv to msix conversion?  

any blogs /community page which explains appv to msix conversion using msix sdk.



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Our recommendation is to leverage a conversion tool to do so. I would look into our documentation of creating an MSIX from an existing installer.

How can I convert App-v application to MSIX using MSIX SDK by using source code? Is there is any open soure SDK component(s) that converts App-v to MSIX