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Context menu regsitration

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Does MSIX currently support context menu handler registration?

Tried MSIX conversion of 7-zip package. The required registry entries are captured, but after installation of the MSIX package, the option does not appear.

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Yes - see here how to specify context menus in the app package manifest file:

Hi Mike, Thanks for the response. Just to confirm, the MSIX packaging tool will not be automatically capturing these entries and would need to be manually edited in the manifest file

The document referenced shows how to add shell menus (we sometimes call these shell integrations).  These integrations point to the application executable to be run..


It does not, however, show how to add context menus, which points to a dll that is loaded by explorer.exe to determine if menus should be added (depending on the context) when the user right-clicks.  Context Menus are a subset of "shell extensions".  It appears to me that at this time shell extensions are not supported in MSIX.

@vkondemand legacy IContextMenu context menu support is now available in insider builds (Support legacy context menus - MSIX | Microsoft Docs) This feature is not in retail builds yet.

Please let us know if you have follow up questions.

@vkondemand  Yeah, we'll need some formal documentation (or at least a schema file) on the new desktop9 schema extensions. The article says the new schema is supported on Windows 11 build 22000+. Will it be supported on Windows 10 builds (such as 21H2)?


Oops. I should have tagged  @SahibiMiranshah and @Sharla_Akers  on the documentation request above.

@TIMOTHY MANGAN Ack. Will link the docs here when they are ready.