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I am super excited about MSIX and I hope it gets adopted not only by apps, but the Core OS componentization efforts also pave the way for MSIX to be adopted by Windows as a whole.


I was wondering, could you help us open-source devs out a little by providing a sample of how to create an MSIX installer with CMake? (CPack, to be precise, the packaging sister app of CMake.) I'd love to promote it among colleagues. I was told a WiX back-end of CPack in theory could get the job done.

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Hi, thanks for your post. I would like to understand your scenario. What do you mean by MSIX Installer – are you looking for a way to install msix packages on windows 10 platforms using the SDK or on other platforms? Are you looking for an already built binary instead of the source code that you can readily consume?


You can build our SDK using the provided CMake files for the platform of your choice. 

No, I was not talking about building the SDK with CMake, I was talking about a sample on how to package my applications into MSIX with idiomatic CMake. There is in fact an open issue on this on Kitwares GitLab:

If someone from the VS team working on the IDE integration (someone with relevant knowledge on CMake) could pick up this work, that would be great.
Mate, reach out to us at We (FireGiant) have a WiX based solution for you.