CheckUpdateAvailabilityAsync returns error on win 1809 (but it works fine on 1909)

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When checking the update for a WPF app packaged into MSIX together with Package Support Framework, CheckUpdateAvailabilityAsync method returns such a result with Extended error: "The .appinstaller file is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8008020C)" for machines with Win 10 1809. For other machines which are running 1909, the update is successfully found.

I'm using code from docs example Update non-Store published apps from your code - MSIX | Microsoft Docs:


_currentPackage = _pm.FindPackageForUser(string.Empty, Package.Current.Id.FullName);
 var result = await _currentPackage.CheckUpdateAvailabilityAsync();


Package.Current.Id.FullName is successfully recognized on both 1809 and 1909. The only difference is for CheckUpdateAvailabilityAsync call. What does this error code mean?

Attaching my appinstaller file (it's default one generated from VS "publish").


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Hi! Thank you for posting your question. On the 1809 device, can you please file a Feedback Hub bug under "Windows Installation And Setup" -> "App Installation and Launch issues" with the “take screenshot for each step” option enabled? We will take a look.

@Dian Hartono 

Hi, thanks for the reply. Could you be more specific? I don't understand what should I do.

Sure! On your Windows 10 machine that is on a 1809 Build, please go to the Feedback Hub App by searching for it on the Start menu or you can use Windows Key + F to open it. Please describe your repro steps. When you choose a Category that best describes your issue, select "Windows Installation And Setup" -> "App Installation and Launch issues" . If you do not see that option, you can also choose the category that best describes the situation. Please than choose to record the issue by reproducing the update issue and select “take screenshot for each step”. If you can also than share the your feedback title, we can also query it ourselves.
Hello. The solution is in your post!
Version 1809 is outdated, so not compatible and just update the machine - to version 1909 and after the problem! Searching for reasons in this case is pointless, and reporting to the feedback center will end in archiving and the topic closed!
A Microsoft employee can't only promote reporting to the feedback center in my opinion, i would point it to Microsoft Support!
MTC - is a Forum, but not technical support.
Good luck Andrew. Please write what do you think about my comment?


Thanks for great tip :D

According to docs it should work on 1809. I can't control my organization upgrade plan. Users will get newer version eventually but some of them are not there yet.

Hello. Your additional information explains and justifies - further analysis ! Forgive me for not being able to understand why you don't need an update, sometimes the entries are imprecise and don't give a complete picture of the circumstances that force you to look for solutions! IT is a constant struggle with obstacles - starting with human errors and other independent obstacles. MTC members are reading this you will probably get help! Thank you very much