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Certificate Signing Tool

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Please add certificate signing tool in the MSIX packaging to create a certificate instead of the current command line signing...




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Hi Jassim,


Are you looking for something similar to this functionality?


The free Express edition of Advanced Installer contains this support.

@Jassim Al Rahma 


We offer signtool.exe with the MSIX Packaging Tool for signing.  If you need to create a certificate purely for testing purposes (not recommended for distribution), there are built-in cmdlets.


John (@jvintzel)


Thanks John

I am talking about a certificate for distribution but what I am requesting is a UI interface not a command line so the packaging wizard should take care of the certificate instead of asking the developer to use cmd for

Microsoft is bringing UWP for a rich user experience then why it can’t also be easier for developer

@Jassim Al Rahma 


Thanks for you feedback.  You can add an item to the ideas section if you feel passionate it needs to exist as a UX construct.  We really do not like to promote self-signed certificates and at this time intend to leave it to PowerShell if it is needed.