Can you have a dynamic appinstaller file?

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Is is possible to dynamically create the appinstaller file through an API call?
I have multiple people who for various reasons are on different versions of the program.
The idea was that I could have an API work out what the contents of the appinstaller with versions being kept up to date through my database. 
I have created an API that returns the contents of the appinstaller and has version numbers set. 


I have an API endpoint https://myAPIserver/api/msix/AppInstaller?customerID=John&environment=PROD" 

Which returns: 


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>





   Name="John-Live" Publisher="CN=John Limited, OU=John Ltd, O=John Limited, L=Manchester, C=GB" Version="" Uri="https://myBlobStorage/package/PROD/" />



   UpdateBlocksActivation="true" />
<AutomaticBackgroundTask />


However when I run the installer I get Error in parsing the app package.


Can this be resolved or is there a better way of handing multiple customers accessing different versions of the program.
I am trying to get away from a customer and environment specific appinstaller file.


Many thanks





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