Build MSIX from VS 2017 Pro (v 15.9.4)

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I work for a large enterprise and would like to prototype an MSIX package. We are running Win10 (v 1803) so I cannot use the MSIX Packaging tool (assuming I need Win10.v1809, please correct me if I'm wrong). 

Is there a page/vid that describes how to create an MSIX package from VS 2017. I have created an appx package (using Windows Application Packaging Project in VS) but can't seem to find how to create an MSIX.

Thanks, Steve

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Hi Steve,


You should be able to use the windows application packaging project to package MSIX. Please see:


Alternatively, you could package your MSIX by hand using:


Additionally, if you want to use the MSIX Packaging Tool, you might be able to leverage our pre-made VM: even if your enterprise is still on an older release of windows.


Please let us know if you run into any issues with re-packaging!




Hi @SteveDeleon 


You can also try partner solutions, like our VS extension which can build an MSIX and MSI from the same project, if you need to target different users.


The extension also supports debugging apps inside the msix container.