Azure Virtual Desktop, MSIX App Attach and MSIX feature overlap

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Is there any way to confirm which MSIX features are available in an Azure AVD solution and part of an MSIX App Attach solution?

For example, I presume I can use all of the MSIX capabilities on an AVD solution, but is that correct?  Then, can I use them with App Attach.  An example might be the new Shared Containers. Can I use them on an Azure AVD machine, providing they are initially configured by someone with local admin access? But if I can use them, can I still use App Attach or do I now need to script App Attach to stage/register/unregister/de-stage or is that completely unsupported and the packages have to be left in place

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Hi, unless otherwise specified, features are intended to be available with MSIX App Attach. If it is not, we will investigate as an issue.
I don't believe services are compatible with AppAttach.
Also some of the latest features might be Windows 11 or insider preview only.