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We are currently using the PSFtooling in our project for applying PSF fixes into the packages. However, we are planning to automate it so that all the suggested fixes can be applied without any user intervention. Is their any API or silent commandline option available in the PSFtooling to achieve automation?

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Hi @Sidharth2490 


This forum is for discussions and questions about MSIX and related tools owned by Microsoft. If you have questions for third party tools, please reach out to them via their own feedback channels. 




Hi @Sharla Akers,
Please suggest what alternative automation tool do we have from Microsoft to fix the issues of MSIX converted packages, or is there any plan to integrate PSF fixes into MSIX tool itself to avoid manual work.
the other vendor are trying to integrate PSF fixes in their products (Advanced Installer) at their level best. but didn't see such plan from Microsoft product development team or i might miss the update.
please suggest if microsoft have such plans or if not, could you please take it as an Idea/Feedback to development Team.
Thanks in Adcance.