Are start menu entries generated and can they be configured?

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Is it possible configure that MSIX automatically puts everything program related in a sub folder like MSI used to do, or can i configure the name of the shortcut?
If yes what are the different Configurations and where can i find a documentation about the possible start menu configurations?


Any hints would be very much appreciated

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Hi @Alex1475,


MSIX does not create folders for shortcuts in the start menu like MSI does. You can edit the display name of a shortcut in the manifest file of the MSIX package. 






Hello@Sharla_Akers ,


Thanks for your reply.

Are there any other configurations or is the name the only thing that can me configured?




Hi @Alex1475,


Yes, you can modify the visual elements for your entry points as well. You just need to modify the visual elements of the Application information in your manifest file. 




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@Alex1475 Unfortunately shortcut grouping is not supported. If your app has a bunch of shortcuts I suggest putting the app name at the beginning of each so that they are together rather than dispersed through the A-Z list of apps!