AppInstaller protocol not recognised by browser

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I'm trying to get appinstaller to run an MSIX package of a desktop winforms app. I created in VS2019 and deployed to LocalHost.
Everything I've read suggests all I need to do is click on Install Now in the Index.html page supplied, but when I do that I get this message from FIrefox:


MSIX error.png

How do I get the browser to recognise the appinstaller protocol ? I'm running Win10 Version 10.0.19042 and created the package using VS2019 version 16.9.2 with the Application Packaging Project Template,

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@jonrmorganI'd relied on this info. in the docs, and inferred the app installer would already be on my system:



It wasn't so I just downloaded it from the Store.


Next up then - the installer runs but can't open the package:




I can find very little troubleshooting information for this error and don't know where to start debugging. Here's my installer file:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Version="" xmlns="">
ProcessorArchitecture="x86" />
HoursBetweenUpdateChecks="0" />


Any help to get going on this much appreciated !