AppInstaller always showing English localization

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I noticed lately that the App Installer on both Windows 10 & 11 is no longer showing the appropriate localized UI-language.


My OS language is German, but the App Installer is shown completely in English.


I have not changed anything about the .appinstaller file or the msix packages.


Is anyone else having this issue?


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The App Installer shows version: 1.16.12663.0

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Is nobody else seeing this issue? It is pretty consistent on multiple machines we have here.

Hi @jvintzel, @Tanaka_Jimha or @ShakersMSFT,


Was this question received by anyone on the MSIX-team?

Sorry to be so persistent about this. But we just released a big 2.0 update to my app distributed via MSIX/AppInstaller and this is a very common feedback item we receive. Really makes our install process seem unpolished.


Please look into this, MSIX is so close to being really great.