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App Attach issue with remote app with multiple applications / entry points

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I have AppAttach running in a POC environment and am running in to something a little odd, but repeatable.


Sample Application eg "TeraTerm" – packaged as MSIX (confirmed working) then converted to a AppAttach VHDX. Application consists of several start menu shortcuts (entry points), for example 4. (below) AppAttach works fine in a desktop session, and all 4 start menu items are visible, any of these can be launched – the correct destination binaries launch without issue.


However in a Remote App scenario, regardless of the MSIX application that is selected (below), it always launches the last application / entry point in the list (last application in the XML) eg we can specify that the application is Collector and the application will appear in RD Client, but on launch TTPMENU will launch


This is consistent regardless which application I choose (Collector, CygLaunch, TTermPro, TTPMenu), it is always TTPMenu that launches (despite shortcut icon appearing correct for the selected application).


I have tried removing the unwanted shortcuts from the AppXManifest.XML, but this just causes the app to break (they don't seem to be as configurable as AppV XML files).


Simple apps with only the one application / single entry point within all work fine.



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Hi Nick, can you share the host pool name so we can look at the back end and portal telemetry
Hi Stefan, I have sent you a PM with the host pool and Tenant Name in, thankyou Nick

*Note - any findings I will post within this thread if it is of help to others*