App Attach and auto update

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Hi, Maybe was too broad to get a response, so I've done some more investigation and maybe the recommended way to go with virtual desktops, Windows or Citrix, is with the App Attach technology.  Is the auto update functionality supported in this scenario or as an ISV does a new msix or vxd have to be produced and shipped to the client IT for them to add to their VD set up?






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I haven't tested this but I suspect the auto-update service does not apply to MSIX App Attach images. These images (and the version of the app published) should be controlled directly by the admins setting up the VD.

I suspect that is the case.  It's not very satisfactory though from my an ISV point of view, specifically an ISV deploying on the cloud.  If you have a client server app on 100 clients, 10 on VDs then, and you want to perform an update with internal API changes, then you can do the non VD clients easily, but you can't deploy the VD installation's backends until you organise dates with the client IT team.  This is a worse workflow than, for example, a wholly cloud based deployment, e.g. with a web front end.

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You are correct Bogdan. MSIX app attach does not support auto update. Generally (non MSIX app attach specific) auto update are frowned upon in virtualized environments. Not saying this is why MSIX app attach does not support auto update but it falls in a Venn overlap between existing best practices and tech limitations.

@Stefan Georgiev Right I can see that argument and it makes some sense.  I've never administered a VD setup but I suppose AppInstaller is normally disabled as well as it writes to Program Files\WindowsApps.


As a slight aside I would say the Venn diagram overlap is getting blurred when considering the differences between a web app and an MSIX app.  Both store the latest version in some kind of cache, either the browser cache or %AppData%\Local\Packages\<guid>\LocalCache.  MSIX runs with a VFS which also moves it more away from a traditional Windows app.


As things stand I think I'm just going to have to live with a slower cadence for our updates to VD customers.