Anyway to force child processes to execute in the container when repacking with msix packaging tool?

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Repacking a crappy java based app.  initial packaging seemed fine, no major issues.  During testing it failed and the application logs pointed at some files being missing.


used invoke-commandindesktoppackage to confirm that the files were in fact in the container.


another test using invoke-commandindesktoppackage with the -PreventBreakaway switch to execute the application, works.


Just starting my msix journey, seems pretty nice but this is likely to be a sticking point for some apps if I can't force children to play in the boxes.


Anyone have a solution other than creating a terrible shortcut to run the invoke powershell command?  I haven't seen anything in the manifest xml options that looks like it would help me.


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While it can't fix all "crappy" apps, the Package Support Framework (PSF) is often helpful in letting apps succeed in many of the operations that fail when placed in the MSIX container. Specifically, the FileRedirectionFixup tends to take care of problems such as you describe, either finding files that are in the package or allowing those files to be modified through the use of automatic redirection to the local profile.

The free PsfTooling app in the Microsoft Store can be used while packaging with the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool, or for easier use you can use TMEditX post-packaging, or one of several third party packaging tool instead of any of this.


Thanks Tim


I'll give it shot, appreciate your activity on these forums.  I was reading your blog recently for the PSF stuff but I haven't had to use it yet (well I guess until now).


Seems like it would be an easy update if the powershell command can force the container behavior, I would have hoped microsoft would add in a similar toggle in the manifest.