AddPackageByAppInstallerFileAsync failing with 0x80072EFE

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We have an app that does essentially the following to install an appinstaller file:

PackageManager pm{};
const IAsyncOperationWithProgress<DeploymentResult, DeploymentProgress>& operation = 
const DeploymentResult& result = co_await operation;
if (result.ExtendedErrorCode() != 0 || !result.IsRegistered()) {


In some Windows 11 systems this is failing with:


Appinstaller operation failed with error code 0x80072EFE. Detail: Unknown error



Investigation suggests this error code corresponds to ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_ABORTED.

As far as we know the internet connectivity at the location where the issue was observed is normal. Is this API not robust enough to spurious connectivity issues? Should we retry this operation when such an error happens?



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0x80072EFE (ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_ABORTED) seems to indicate that there are connection issues on the user’s end. For these types of errors, the user is expected to try again.
If you believe the connection is good and still getting the above error, you can have a Feedback Hub bug logged under “Developer Platform” -> “App Deployment” with a recording so we can see if anything weird is happening in deployment during the repro.