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About MSIX Container

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In MSIX inside-out, describe about container.

Desktop Bridge App : Desktop Bridge Container

UWP App : AppContainer

MSIX Container = Desktop Bridge Container + AppContainer

I know desktop bridge container used App-V infrastructure.

Do MSIX container use "desktop bridge container" or appcontainer only?

I want to know "can replace from msi to msix. Because previous describe  "msix = appx + msi".  

In Accelerating Windows 10 enterprise app deployment with MSIX, describe re-package msi.
For support Windows 7, may be MSIX container is desktop bridge container + alpha.

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best response confirmed by Jennifer Spencer (Microsoft)

The desktop bridge uses File system and registry filters.  It does not use the App-V infrastructure.


MSIX enables flexibility in the container.  You can be as light weight as file system and registry filters or move more into a capability model like the UWP app container.  For very secure scenarios we will enable a isolated container similar to what Windows Defender Application Guard uses.


If you use the MSIX SDK to extract an MSIX on Windows 7 it does not get any containerization support.  It is just offering a method to reuse the same MSIX file for multiple distributions.


John Vintzel

Principal Program Manager Lead, MSIX

John, thank you.

>The desktop bridge uses File system and registry filters.

Yes, I think similar App-v infrastructure. I understood it for your describe it.


In my understood it, about MSIX Container.

1. similar capability of desktop bridge.

2. Add more capability of desktop bridge.

3. enabled isolated container.

And in Windows 7.

1. MSIX is deployment package.

2. not offer containerization technology.


Many thanks.