A Fantastic Containerized Windows Service

A Fantastic Containerized Windows Service
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We know that services are "on the list" of things to be added to MSIX containers.  When these are added, please consider adding a "spoofing" of the service name.


For packages not distributed via the Microsoft store, it seems reasonable that software vendors will continue to include their own licensing/copyright solutions.  But they rarely "write their own" solution and more often incorporate a component from a Microsoft partner.  The most frequent of these that we see out there is FlexNet from Flexera Software.


This solution, in the MSI world has the software vendor add some library calls to their application plus a Windows Service.  While virtual services work well under App-V, there is one issue that occurs involving this service and it would be awesome to fix this when MSIX adds the equivalent.


The issue is that, under App-V, we can only have one instance of any application that includes this service running on the OS at the same time.  A great solution to this as part of MSIX services would be to "spoof" the service name.  Let each instance have a unique name where needed, but let the application source code still refer to it by the original name and map those calls within the container to the container version. 

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