Some files getting excluded while creating MSIX package from a msi/exe installer




Is there a possibility that while creating a MSIX Package for some .msi or .exe installers, some files were ignored and excluded from the MSIX package, by the MSIX Packaging tool (using the command line).


Is there any such limitation to the tool, or happens with some particular files, and how can this be fixed?




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@Priyanka_Aggarwal there are some default exclusion rules.  If you have a sample of your XML that has the exclusions



Hi @John Vintzel ,


The exclusions mentioned in the XML file are optional, correct? We can make them included as well.
Other than that, by default, are there any files getting excluded?


We are working on the MSIX package & using the tool to automate the same however we came to know that there are some files are being excluded when we are using MSIX SDK .

So is it recommended to use MSIX tool directly & will that help us in avoiding the missing files condition as compared to MSIX-SDK.



@Priyanka_Aggarwal In general the MSIX packaging tool will only aggressively exclude files listed in the exclusion list.


During run-time of the tool, it is possible for other files to be excluded for a variety of reasons, but generally speaking the common reason for a file to get left out of the final package is the file was in-accessible at packaging time. Ie. some other process had a lock on the file or the share/drive has gone away, etc.


You can see the tool's determination of exclusion for any reason for each file in the conversion logs.


Alternatively, its possible that the files in question were never detected by monitoring for some reason.  Could you share an example of the type of file you are seeing not reach you created package?