No Add/Remove Entry after MSIX package installation

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I don't see my application entry in Add/Remove Programs after installing the package via MSIX.

Is this an expected behavior ?

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Hi neelsingh,


I assume you are referring to the Apps & Features tab in the Apps section of the Settings app?

If so, then your msix would be expected to show in the UI.


If you do not see your app in the UI, you could use to query for all MSIX packages currently installed.


If you see your msix installed via Powershell but it is not visible in the UI, please let me know and we can follow up.




Thanks @James Pike 

I do see MSIX package entry in Apps & Features.


However, some of the people like me who are still transitioning from Windows 7 to Windows 10 are accustomed to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.


And I don't see the MSIX package in above location. Does that mean sooner or later Microsoft is going to purge Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features ?




@neelsingh In windows 10, you can also remove applications that have a tile (aka shortcut) in the start menu by right clicking on it.  An "uninstall" button lights up.  I know, too convenient huh?

@James Pike 

I am facing this same no-show problem after an attempt to package a very simple VSTO EXcel complement. (Note the resulting package doesn't work.)

How can I uninstall it ?

More generally how is it possible to package the msi's VSTO Excel complement into msix format ?


Thanks in advance





MSIX (and UWP) programs do not appear in the traditional "Control Panel" applet "Programs and Features".  They do appear in the new Windows 10 "Settings" (you know, the gear icon) under "Apps".


You can uninstall from there. When there is a shortcut, you can now also uninstall them by right clicking on the shortcut, but as noted you don't have one for that app.