MSIX Packaging Tool Firewall Rule Failure


The Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool:

  • Does not detect firewall rules added by the installer and add them as Desktop2 manifest entries.
  • Does not capture HKLM\Software\Services\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess registry entries even though this key is not included in the registry filter list of the tool.


The former keeps the package as incomplete, but the latter keeps other tools from remediating the problem.

4 Replies
Thank you for the feedback, we will add this to our backlog of items for the next release.
Any idea already when this firewall adding is fixed in MSIX?

I tested the firewall in the manifest today and it was working fine. After installing several rules are created and when uninstalling they were removed.

Ok it was not captured, but manually added like we normally do also with app-v.

Did some more testing with the created MSIX package. When deploying using MSIX App Attach, the firewall rules are not added. This is probably due to the fact MSIX App Attach deploys the package using the user account and the user has by default no rights to modify firewall rules. Any idea how to get this resolved? Using policies is also not possible, since the mounted package had a random number in it :(