MSIX Packaging Tool failure

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Hi, I'm trying to package Chrome for Enterprise but the packaging tool is failing with the attached log.

Why would this happen ?

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Hi Victor,


That particular failure is a little tricky to identify purely from the output logs.  The components picked up during monitoring your installer caused a hard failure in MakePri.


I recently looked into a similar issue where underlying components of makepri were unable to handle a generated manifest having a com interace->typelib entry without a version and a matching (By Guid) com typelib entry with a version. The error surfaced in the same manner.


Try checking your partial manifest file, visible in the logs as file vn5adl2j.gzy.Manifest, in your log output directory.  If you see this problem, unfortunately the easiest workaround today would be to purge or correct the invalid com registry keys in the registry while the monitoring process is still active.


Please let me know if this looks like your problem or feel free to share the rest of your log files with me privately for a closer look.

We intend to make identifying and resolving such issues easier in future updates to MSIX Packaging Tool.




@James Pike 


Hi James,


The problem was indeed what you described, so I could work around it :)


Thanks for your help !


Hi Victor,

I am also struggling with converting Google Chrome Enterprise to MSIX. I will try the workaround since it solved the issue for you. Quick question though... did you purge or correct the com registry keys?




Hi Graham,


I've just added the version to the TypeLib 463ABECF-410D-407F-8AF5-0DF35A005CC8 from the interface with the same GUID. The version is 1.0 as in the COM TypeLib with the same GUID.


Hope this helps !