MSIX Packaging Tool and shortcut icons


If you have a package that uses the PSFLauncher, you want to create a shortcut to the Launcher, but have that shortcut use an icon from the target package. If you do this you end up with a blank icon for both the MSIX package and the MSIX generated shortcut.


While in monitoring, you install an app that has a shortcut (any app). You then copy an appropriate PsfLauncherXX.exe file to the installation folder, and modify the properties of the shortcut.  The modification would change the target to the PsfLauncher, and you make sure that the icon field points to the original exe and not PsfLauncher (which has no icon resources).


The package generated has AppXManifest visual assets listed in the XML that is not in the package.  Looking at the log file it seems that the packaging tool ignores the shortcut icon property and just tries to pull an icon from the target exe.

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Thanks for reporting this, Tim!

I've let the Packaging tool team know and they are looking into it.