More registry issues on OS 2004


Application: Siemens JtToGo


When repackaging using the MSIX Packaging Tool, the application pops up a message that it cannot create a key.  ProcMon traces on older OS versions and 2004 show an improvement in what the app is trying to do, but it still isn't enough.


See attached trace image taken from a 2004 system of the package.


The app package has a key  HKCU\Software\Siemens\JtToGo_retained\12.2\Common\C\ and an unrelated subkey under it.


The app first tries to create a new subkey ( VPSearch), and then a sub-subkey (LocationCache).


In 1909 and below, the attempt to create the VPSearch subkey fails.  2004 runtime includes support that now allows that subkey to be created.  However the sub-subkey creation still fails, likely due to some faulty logic in the code that allowed the first case to now work.

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And here is another case.  WinSCP.


In this case, the package has a key "HKCU\Software\Martin Prikryl\WinSCP 2" with an unrelated subkey.  It attempts to RegCreateKey with the same type of request (Desired Access=Read/Write) in the procmon trace (attached) on OS 2004.


This looks exactly like the Jt2Go case for VPSearch but unlike Jt2Go, this one fails.  So perhaps there is more going on than I can trace, but clearly the results of key creation within the container questionable; I can't figure out what will or won't work from the calling parameters as shown in Procmon and what is in the package.


Hi Tim,


Jt2Go seems to have a store version too. Are you testing an older one?