How to create url shortcut in MSIX

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"Hello MSIX support team,


We are working on MSIX POC project in which requirement is to create a shortcut which is pointing to client home page URL.

But I am unable to create MSIX  package with above requirements,

1. Application only has 1 icon file and 1 shortcut which is pointing to client home page

2. Once we complete the installation and selects "First launch task" window we are not able to find the url shortcut as entry point.


Could you please suggest is how to create entry point which is pointing to url. Let us know if you need more information on this. 



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It is currently not possible to create a tile (shortcut) which directly points to an URL with an MSIX package. One thing you can do is create an application which opens the URL when it is launched.


If you are creating a new application it is recommended that you package it directly when you build it, for example using a Windows Application Packaging Project in Visual Studio. The MSIX Packaging Tool is intended for packaging existing applications for which you do not have access to the source.

@Chacon The Package Support Framework PsfLauncher can be used to target a URL.  You just  Add PsfLauncher64.exe and PsfRuntime64.dll in your package, point your shortcut to Psflauncher, and enter the URL in the target application field in the Config.Json file's Application section..