Getting the MSIX package tool to install the needed tool drivers to work

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I am trying to build a package of a command line tool I built. Whenever I choose to create one on my machine, it tells me it is unable to install the needed tool drivers and throw an exception.


This is the error I get

We encountered an error when trying to install your driver. More information is available in your logs.


I have the drivers downloaded but they are not installing for the MSIX tool to use

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Hi @rkeil1910 


Does any of the documentation at help you?

The logs for the tool could help narrow down the issue. The error prompt should contain a link to the log folder, and in there should be a Log.txt file. It should contain the exit code and any output from dism.exe when it failed to install the driver.


If you are building this tool yourself, we recommend you build the package directly instead of converting it with the MSIX Packaging Tool from another installer, as it gives you better control of what will be in the package. For example, you can use a Windows Application Packaging Project in Visual Studio.