Adding MSIX package to Windows Server 2019 - Icon not visible

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I've tried to create a few MSIX packages as test. I'm using a Windows 10 Enterprise x64 machine since the packaging tool is only available from Windows Store (And Server 2019 has no Windows Store).


Now, when I package an app and add it to Server 2019 using Add-AppPackage, there are no errors everything seems fine and the package is visible in the WindowsApps folder however, the application icon is not visible and thus the application cannot be launched. When you go into the control panel the app is actually visible and can be uninstalled.


I am aware you can specify a remote machine with the packaging tool, but I would assume I can just package for Windows 10 Enterprise and it would work on Server 2019, and I don't need different packages for each OS?

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Hi @martijnk79 


Does the application icon show up when installing on a machine with Windows 10 Enterprise? If it does not, then the problem is likely the package and not the Windows edition you use.


When creating the package with the the packaging tool, is your application listed in the First launch tasks page? The applications listed there are the ones that will be used as entry points for the package, i.e. the ones you will see as icons. If the application does not show up in the First launch tasks initially, you may need to add it using the Browse button.


Another way to verify this without packaging your application again is to check the package manifest. The application icons you see correspond to <Application> elements in the manifest. Is the application you expect listed there? If it is, does it have the attribute AppListEntry="none" that would hide it?

Hi Luis,

Yes I forgot the mention it does show up on Windows 10 Enterprise and works just fine.

Hi @martijnk79 


I'm not sure what could be causing the problem you are seeing.


Does your server have Desktop Experience?


Can you launch the app through other mechanisms? For example, can you launch it from the command prompt if you add an app execution alias?


Is there any other details you could share about your app for us to investigate what is happening, either here or through Feedback Hub? For example what app are you packaging, the packaging tool's conversion logs or the package manifest.