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Please Support VMWARE Workstation

Please Support VMWARE Workstation



 Nov 21 2018
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Not at this time.

Dear Sirs.


May Developers as me, are using VMWARE Workstation instead of Hyper-V in their development machines. I think It is very important to have ability to use MSIX tool in that configuration.

As Hyper-V and VMWARE can't so exist, it is one more reason to support it.


Also VMWARE Support snapshots, and in complex installation scenarios it is possible:

1) Take a snapshot before installation

2) Install software, (as many step as necessary)

3) Take a snapshot again after installation and compare it to initial state


So, we have all data to make installation package.



Thank you,




The MSIX Packaging Tool is not specific to any virtualization product, it just requires Windows 10 1809.  You can install a the MSIX packaging tool within a VMWare VM running 1809.  


Is the ask specific to the "Create Package on an existing virtual machine"?



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I'm running it in VMware Workstation. Works great.
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Is it any news for using MSIX tools, in Machine that has installed VMWARE workstation ?


@IrakliLo The MSIX packaging tool runs from within a VMware image.  Is there a more specific ask around this support?  Is something not working as intended or is there a specific feature ask?



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@John Vintzel My case a bit different. I have VMWare Workstaion installed in my development PC.

But issue that MSIX require Hyper-V and Hyper-V could not coexist with VMWARE on same machine.


I asked to have possibility to use MSIX with VMWARE. (And do not stick with Hyper-V).



@IrakliLo If you login into your VMWare VM and install the MSIX packaging tool in the VM it will work.  The VM needs to be 1809 or later.  You choose the Create Package on this computer option during the packaging flow.




The upcoming MSIX Packaging Tool release will support remote connection to a vm or physical machine via IP address or FQDN.  That feature is independent of virtualization products.

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