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Passing an argument from the installation URI to an installed app

Passing an argument from the installation URI to an installed app



 May 18 2020
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We can put arguments into the config.json file inside the MSIX package to have the Launcher64.exe pass those arguments to the installed application when it is launched.

What I need to do is pass a query string to the MSIX package from a link on a web page using the appinstaller and have that query string passed as an argument to the installed application.


We are currently using clickonce but that is not supported well in Chrome so we want to move to MSIX. Chrome requires another click on a downloaded .application file.


Brett Burgeson

Copper Contributor


I am also deploying a ClickOnce but I would like to be able to use an MSIX, because of restrictions with the different browsers.

However, I was sending URL parameters in ClickOnce in order to pass them to my executable.

I still haven't figured out how to do this for MSIX.

Thank you.


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Hi @Tanaka_Jimha

Thank you for the information about passing installation parameters in MSIX. This is awesome news.




Status changed to: Completed
Steel Contributor

Any docs updated with regards to this improvement?


@Bogdan Mitrache Links above in the thread

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Is there another way to do this without using app installer?