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Linking of MSIX Packages

Linking of MSIX Packages



 Nov 06 2019
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Provide a solution which will enable multiple MSIX packages to engage with other MSIX Packages (Similar to App-V Connection Groups). 


Consider the following requirements:

  - Allow Modification Packages to create entries in the Start Menu.

  - Allow Modification Packages to be linked to multiple MSIX applications.


Thanks for submitting this idea @Roy_MacLachlan. Moving this to the backlog. 

Status changed to: In the backlog

@Dian Hartono  Is there any progress on it as we recently concluded POC and we have around 200 packages using appv connection group aka virtual environment via SCCM. It’s a show stopper for us to migrate to MSIX for line of. business apps.


Hi @Amit Kumar we are currently working on a similar feature in MSIX that allows you to have multiple apps inside a shared container. More details will be documented closer to release date. 


@Dian Hartono i just saw video from @John Vintzel speaking about developing apps that extend in the container . Do we know when it will be released and can we merge more than 2 msix within single container ?

@Amit Kumar As Microsoft is unlikely to commit to anything in this forum prior to the release and official announcements, perhaps I can provide some unofficial information that is a likely scenario to play out.  This is all based on my own speculation and does not include any insider information that might be subject to NDAs.


Microsoft has been publicly making statements for at least a year at different conferences that this is something that they are working on.  Given that it was mentioned again in a recent conference leads to speculation on my part that it is likely to come out soon. 


I am guessing that the feature requires OS changes that are probably not present in released versions of the OS, and that we are likely to find that 2020H2 version of the OS will be a minimum requirement.  Additional changes to the tooling to product packages are also a possibility, but given the App-V experience I'd hope that the packages don't need to know about each other in advance here, and that it would only be OS changes required.  Still, assuming the OS support isn't already in 2004 and we are just waiting for some tooling, it will be some time before the majority of customers have deployed the required OS in production.  Of course Microsoft could always back-port those OS changes, but that seems unlikely.


@TIMOTHY MANGAN  @Dian Hartono  Wish you happy new year !! We are now with Win 10 20H2 build and sooner will start rolling out . Do we have any news on MSIX shared container having multiple MSIX talking to each other ?

Status changed to: Working on it

Shared Package Container feature shipped with Windows 11.



Status changed to: Completed