Include support for PSF within MSIX packaging Tool

Include support for PSF within MSIX packaging Tool



 Aug 29 2020
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As all the other vendors in the Packaging Tool business like Flexera, InstallAware etc. who have the support for creating PSF shims within their tool itself, can MSIX Packaging Tool also have this incorporated within it which will not requiring install other freewares for including supporting for PSF while using the MSIX packaging tool.





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I would like that too

Ironically, I support this too.  PsfTooling exists to help the packaging tool only because we don't have another usable option when using the Microsoft package tooling.  And I'd be quite happy to not maintain that development if we had a better choice.


That said, I believe that Microsoft has considered the concept but has not gone this route.  (Maybe I should have made PsfTooling even more confusing to look at???)  But they do listen to customers on your needs, so let them know.  And provide details.  Microsoft loves details.

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And make PSF able to be configured via the command line for the package!

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I like to see this implemented too. It is a real limitation at the moment. 


Hope this get implemented soon

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