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We have put the automatic updates in place using the Appinstaller file.

Now we would like to customize the updates as below:

  • MSIX sends a message that a new release is available for download
  • UX interface describes
  1. New release available
  2. Download and Install Now


Postpone installation until : pick a time / date + clear message Not later than xx/xx/xx when download/installation will be performed automatically forcing our application to close (please plan your update at your best convenience)

After expiration of the time allocated, a new pop-up window is displayed with possibility to postpone again and show message xx days remaining before automatic update.


Can you please tell us if this is possible?


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Hi @adelkeita,


I'd like to get some more information about your question, and the functionality you are interested in.

  • When delaying the update, should the user set the number of days or select a date to delay for?
  • If the update is a security fix, should the user still be able to delay the update?
  • How much of the message should be customizable?

For some additional information on configuring Automatic Updates for AppInstaller installed Windows Apps, see the following Tech Community blog:
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