Deployment by Appinstaller cause URI handling popup without the app link

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I have a win32 app wrapped into MSIX by MSIX packaging tool for using the links handling feature.
After installing the app by .appinstaller file I got a popup "How do you want to open this website?": there is no application that I have installed.

appinstaller file content: 



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	Uri="" >

		Uri="" />

		<OnLaunch HoursBetweenUpdateChecks="0"/>




However, if I install the app directly by the .msix the app link listed in the popup

Sample project sources
OS info:
- Windows 10 Enterprise
- version: 2004
- OS build: 19041.508
- Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0

The only logs that I could find are:
What I'm doing wrong?
Can I get more detailed logs for the app installation?

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Hi @vshmelev ,


I just tried installing your app and the web-to-app linking worked for me in both cases (with the .msix and with the .appinstaller), so it seems like your package and App Installer file are okay.


You can file feedback through Feedback Hub using the category "Install and Update" \ "App installation issues". When filing the item, recreate the problem so that it will collect relevant traces and attach them. After you do, you can send me a link to the item so we can investigate it.

@Chacon link sent in a direct message, hope it contains all necessary information.

Also want to say that after toggle of/Toggle On "Apps for websites" settings the popup view changed: there were listed browsers, but still not my application. 
Gif file is attached



This should work correctly with the Windows 10 October 2020 update. On previous builds there was an issue with AppUriHandler that caused it not to work when installing with an App Installer file, exactly as you described.

@vshmelev You may also want to verify the Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller app is installed.  You can do this by running the following command from PowerShell


Get-AppPackage Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller


We have seen power users bulk purge this when removing preinstalled apps.  It newer versions of Windows this will be non-removable to prevent accidental uninstall.


John Vintzel (@jvintzel)