What tools do you use for MR?



I'm always super curious to know how people are building their project! I've long been a Unity developer, I built an incredible career on their Asset Store before coming to Microsoft, and even helped write some of their certifications! So a lot of my early MR development has been in Unity :)

Last year with the release of OpenXR, I switched over to native code and built StereoKit. I have been loving OpenXR, and the more direct connection I get with APIs and the hardware, it has been a ton of fun for me!

So how about everyone else? What are you using?

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@koujaku I'm using Unity 2019.4.10f1 for the engine, Blender 2.9, Visual Studio 2019... the common trilogy o' tools... but I also rely heavily on Azure DevOps, OneNote, and To Do for my workflow.

The boards in DevOps are so incredibly useful for organizing what I need to do and planning things out on a large scale! I usually take a user story that I'm working on for the current sprint and then put the individual tasks related to it into To Do. That gives me a nice focused view.

I even have a little Power Automate Flow that runs a DevOps query for open user stories, creates an HTML file from the results, and SFTP uploads it to my site. That gives me a near real-time DevOps widget on my site.

@Toryn Farr Your DevOps stuff sounds pretty sweet! That's something I'd definitely love to peek at~ I use a lot of the Github project tools + Obsidian.md for planning and todo, but I can't say I've been great about planning since the pandemic started :)

@koujakuI have been using Unreal Engine and Blender mostly. I don't have a device(Hololens or VR Headset), so been stuck with the simulator for now. Waiting for my Reverb G2 to ship :stareyes: