Unable to get the last insider preview HoloLens OS version

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Hello everyone,


Happy new year, I wish you all the best for 2021.


With the release of the last insider preview (20279.1006 ?) , who added Edge chromium for example, I was looking for getting my hand on this update but the HoloLens dosn't get any new Update.

I already subscribed my device to the insider program in the dev channel.


Does anyone know a solution about this issue?


Thank you


Quentin Louet Guérin

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Quick sanity check I guess, have you seen this page over here and followed everything on it?

The FFU method listed over there is a little extreme, but is a solid option if you're in a rush and nothing else works.


So, as you said, I eventually went with the FFU installation, it works well.
It's very unfortunate to do it that way, hope the OS Update method is gonna be fix!

Thank you Nick,

Quentin Louet

Hello @Kent1LG , unfortantely there's a known issue on some users not being able to update.

Insider preview for Microsoft HoloLens | Microsoft Docs

Update error 0x80070490 work-around

If you encounter an update error 0x80070490 when updating on the Dev or Beta channel, try the following short-term work around. It involves moving your insider channel, picking up the update and then moving your Insider channel back.


Stage one - Release Preview

  1. Settings, Update & Security, Windows Insider Program, select Release Preview Channel.
  2. Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Check for updates. After the update, continue on to Stage two.

Stage two - Dev Channel

  1. Settings, Update & Security, Windows Insider Program, select Dev Channel.
  2. Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Check for updates.

Hello @evmill ,


Really sorry for the (very) late response.
I had the opportunity today to try again getting the last Insider version, and I didn't do anything and that was working.

Thank you for your time,


Quentin Louet Guérin

@Kent1LG Your device probably took the update that went out on 2/9 yesterday before you tried again. The update should have had a fix to no longer require you to use a work around. Glad everything is working for you and you're able to try out all the latest features!