the serial number of hololens2

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I want to read the serial number of hololens2 device in the development of MRTK. That friend knows the way. Thank you!

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Hi! What exactly are you trying to accomplish with a serial number here?


Identifiers like a serial number are difficult or impossible to get from environments like UWP for security reasons, as these values are can be used to track users across different applications


If you need an identifier for the user, you could generate one on first load and save it to disk, or you could ask the user to sign in! I've worked on projects where the application started with a generated ID, and then attached that ID to the user account once they logged in or created an account.

I need to confirm the uniqueness of the hardware device, serial number or other hololens2 hardware identification code,In order to authenticate the correct user of the software, the account and password cannot be used

Hi @flaidxu, have a look at this thread :


Note that if your app/dev identifiers change, or if the device is reset, the ID will change.


That looks like a nice solution! A little further detail about that technique over here.